Baby Nail File Electric Baby Nail Trimmer Nail Clipper with 10 Grinding Heads LED Light


Being a noivce mother or father, sometimes may not just means a change of status, moreover, it means responsibility, which needs parents to learn much about how to love, protect and give. Acutally, taking care of a newborn baby is much more difficult than fulfilling a task in your job. Great love, great patience, enough accompany and fast reaction are needed in every details.

And when it regards to the purchasing of basic necessities of the baby, to protect the baby from any possible injuries, safety and nature are always the top priotity for all. For example, choosing baby nails tools, as we all known, the baby nails grow quickly when they are in sleep, and it is quite dangerous if we don’t trim the nails in time, too long nails would cause the baby scratch his/her face or skin, even, cause bleeding.

Therefore, choosing a safe but suitable baby nail trimmer is quite important. Traditional baby nail clipper? Quite easy to cut the baby’s cuticles and soft nail beds by mistake, sounds so painfully. Traditional manual baby nail file? Oh, time consuming, after all, you can’t keep a baby still. Then you really can choose Megainvo Safe Electric Baby Nail File. It specially designed for babies from 0 to 12+ monthes to trim their nails gently, protecting the baby with best love.

The Feasures of Megainvo Automatic baby nail trimmer:


  • 10 different grinding heads replacment for different monthes
  • Safe and nontoxic ABS materials
  • LED front light illumination
  • 35 Db low noise
  • 2 different speed modes
  • Able to rotate in left or rght direction flexsibly
  • versatile use for finger nails and toe nails


  • ♥【10 in 1 Nail Care Kit For Baby】- Our Megainvo baby nail file has 10 grinding heads. 3 colored sandpapers with 3 textures are designed for different stages of babies’ growth and various needs. This baby nail file electric comes with 2 orange grinding heads (for 0-3 months baby), 4 yellow grinding heads (for 4-11 months baby), 4 light blue grinding heads (for 12 months and up baby).
  • ♥【Multiple settings for Different Nails】- The electric baby nail trimmer is easier to use with only 1 button. You can simply operate the modes by one hand: Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, high and low speed, switch off. 360°all-round exquisite polishing and steady speed makes toenails and fingernails softer and smoother.
  • ♥【Works Quiet with LED Front Light】- Equipped with a quiet motor that you can best to trimmer baby’s nail while your baby is sleeping. This front LED of the baby nail clipper can light baby’s nail, no need to turn on the light on night, no need to worry about wake up the sleeping baby.
  • ♥【Ergonomics Design for Comfortable Hold】- Ergonomic design nail clippers for infant with curve shape and smooth surface for cozy holding, which is more convenient and preferable for parent’s using. Our this baby nail file is built with high-graded ABS material, leaves no fingerprints, durable and safe. The electric baby nail file is powered by two AA batteries (batteries are not included). This baby nail file electric is safer than traditional nail.
  • ♥【IMPORTANT NOTE】- 1 Always keep the baby nail file out of reach of children; 2 Remove the battery when not in use; 3 Make sure to turn off your baby nail trimmer when you are finished; 4 Always keep your Megainvo Baby Nail file away from water. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. If any reason you don’t absolutely love this Baby Nial Fail, please feel free to contact us, we will OFFER A REPLACEMENT or REFUND YOUR MONEY.